Alexis by the Golden Gate BridgeMy name’s Alexis and I am going to help you impress the shit out of your friends.  I’ve got loads of baking skills – you can see some of my cakes below – but who has time for that?  When I’m going to a potluck or making birthday cupcakes, I am NOT going to spend hours of my life slaving over a mixer and a rolling pin.  And let’s face it – neither are you.

So let’s strike a happy medium with minimum skills, things you can make ahead, solutions from the grocery store, and a few special tools you can throw some money at.  Pardon my French, and let’s get the fuck to it!

There is no fucking way I expect you to make any of these:

bb8 cakebulldozer cakeKai lego minifig cakeGali Master of Water lego cakeMinecraft TNT block cake with rice crispie grass blocksThing 1 & Thing 2 cakesR2D2 cake